June 12, 2016

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Baruch Sadogursky
Developer Advocate @JFrog

Baruch Sadogursky (a.k.a JBaruch) is the Developer Advocate of JFrog, the creators of Artifactory Binary Repository, the home of Bintray, JavaOne 2011 and 2013 Duke Choice Awards winner. For a living he hangs out with the JFrog tech leaders, writes some code around Artifactory and Bintray, and then speaks and blogs about all that. He does it repeatedly for the last dozen of years and enjoys every moment of it.

Rafael Winterhalter
Software engineer @Scienta AS

Full-stack software engineer, specialing on the Java platform. Blogs about software development, and regularly presents at conferences. He is a JavaOne Rock Star speaker.

Evgeny Borisov
Big Data Technical Leader @NAYA Technologies

Since 2001 Evgeny was working as Java Developer, Team Leader, Java Architect and Java Trainer. Currently is leading and consulting Spark projects with Java, Scala and Python.

Nicolas Frankel
Senior Consultant @SAP Hybris

Software Architect with 15 years experience consulting for many different customers, in a wide range of contexts (such as telecoms, banking, insurances, large retail and public sector). Usually working on Java/Java EE and Spring technologies, but with narrower interests like Software Quality, Build Processes and Rich Internet Applications.

Philipp Krenn
Developer Advocate @Elastic

As a Developer Advocate @Elastic, Philipp is spreading the love and knowledge of full-text search, analytics, and real-time data. When not fighting MongoDB, MySQL, Jenkins, or AWS, he is giving NoSQL and cloud computing trainings or organizes his meetups ViennaDB and Papers We Love Vienna.

Taras Matyashovskyy
Staff Engineer @Lohika

Speaker, founder of Morning@Lohika tech talks. Primary focused on the development of complex distributed systems, R&D activities. Agile & lean practitioner, Certified Scrum Master and “great product-oriented” developer.

Andriy Pashkevych
Lead Software Engineer @EPAM

Andriy is an engineer and a team leader, experienced in enterprise applications development. Сo-leader of JUG Lviv and co-organizer of the JDAY Lviv - Java conference in western Ukraine.

Antons Kranga
Java Platform Lead / Technology Architect @Accenture

On-field architect and full-stack developer is leading Java technology track @Accenture Latvia dedicated to innovation in Cloud Computing domain. Antons is Cloud and DevOps evangelist that continuously experimenting with latest technology and consulting Solution Architects and the projects.

Antoni Bertel
Software Engineer @EPAM

Anton is programmer with a focus on Java and node.js solutions. He combines work with monolithic applications @EPAM and taming other creates of actively emerging software development world. Active participant of IT-events like conferences, programming days, hackathons. Currently concentrates on jvm-based message passing and async programming.

Vladimir Tsukur
Software Engineer @Zoomdata

Primarily focused on the development of distributed systems with in-depth focus on platforms, APIs and the Web. Certified Scrum Master and XP practitioner. Passionately engaged in software development for over 10 years striving to make things right.

Yuriy Nakonechnyy
CTO @Sombra

Has 8 years of commercial experience in Java. Being continuously involved in planning & development of multiple software projects as architect. Evolved his unique vision of effective and customer-oriented software architecture.


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Workshop : DevOps with Docker that smells good and feels good

Antons Kranga
Java Platform Lead / Technology Architect @Accenture
The workshop will go through: building and linking containers, scheduling and clustering, pipeline as code for continuous delivery, implement blue-green deployment.


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