Volodymyr Tsukur — «GraphQL — APIs the New Way»

Volodymyr Tsukur — «GraphQL — APIs the New Way»

REST-ish APIs have become the de-facto standard in the last 10 years. But is it always the right choice?

Facebook, GitHub, and Pinterest challenge status quo in network communication and embrace GraphQL — query language for the APIs. This evolving standard also gives you runtime to execute the queries and enables comprehensive dev tooling, making it juicy for a developer to try and explore. That’s what we, at Wix, did too!

In this talk, we will see GraphQL in real, practical action under Java sauce. We’ll elaborate on our experience with GraphQL at Wix, see how it compares to REST, and, like with every other technology, understand its limits and shortcomings.

So, is GraphQL right for you? Come by, and we’ll see!

Speaker: Volodymyr Tsukur