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Solution Architect @EPAM
Imagine a situation when you have FTP server or SAN/NAS (mounted to local system) where all your clients put their’s files and you import them into you database. Sounds easy, right? Actually, it becomes a hard pain when you have distributed environment and you’d like to make your import process reliable.

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hot news from java world
In this article, we will focus on the other Machine Learning API from Spark, called Spark ML, which is the recommended solution for big data applications developed using data pipelines.
Last weeks' Spring Data Kay M1 is the first release ever that comes with support for reactive data access. Its initial set of supported stores — MongoDB, Apache Cassandra and Redis
Julia Evans, infrastructure @ Stripe
This week I read a paper called A Critique of the CAP Theorem by Martin Kleppmann. I thought it was super interesting and I wanted to tell you why! And maybe convince you to read it.
Vlad Mihalcea, Developer Advocate @ Red Hat
Hibernate simplifies CRUD operations, especially when dealing with entity graphs. But any abstraction has its price and Hibernate is no different. I’ve already talked about the importance...
Linda DeMichiel , Architect @Sun
Enterprises today need to extend their reach, reduce their costs, and lower the response times of their services to customers, employees, and suppliers.
John McClean , Systems Architect @ AOL Platforms
Java 8 Streams were exceptionally well designed. The API itself offers a concise (a polite way of saying frustratingly limited) feature set.
Eugen Paraschiv , Staff Engineer @ Lohika
This article shows how to set up REST in Spring – the Controller and HTTP response codes, configuration of payload marshalling and content negotiation.
partner news:
Please watch this video, which demonstrates how much easier it is to be successful when you work together with friends. Friends make life better: they keep you on track on rainy days, and help you succeed in your dreams. We all know that with a friend you can achieve more!
EPAM delivered a powerful, easy-to-use metadata upload tool that allows TUI’s partners to work correctly within content workflows while automating manual processes. The new tool currently stores 1.2 million assets, imports 30,000 assets per month, and accommodates 560+ users from different regions.
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