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JavaDay Ukraine 2016 Agenda
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Lead Software Engineer @EPAM
Disclaimer: The aim of this post is to describe, how Docker can ease developer’s day-to-day routines and simplify synchronization during development phase. Running Docker in production is a totally different subject for discussion with it’s own tips and tricks, hence out of scope for this post.

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hot news from java world
Oleksiy Dyagilev, Chief Software Engineer @ EPAM
There are several compensation models in online advertising industry, probably the most notable is CPC (Cost Per Click), in which...
Whether you are a seasoned coder or a new Java programmer, JavaOne is the ultimate source of technical information and learning about Java.
Sebastian Daschner, IT Consultant @ IT-Beratung
Anil Gaul presented the updates to the overall plan for EE 8 and 9 in his keynote showing the proposed changes to the overall scope...
Kito Mann, Expert PrimeFaces / JSF / Java EE / Liferay / UI Component Architect
In the JavaOne opening keynote, we were assured that Oracle is listening and that there is a very well defined plan for Java EE 8 and Java EE 9.
Paul Krill , Editor @ Large
After raising their ire with perceived neglect of Java, Oracle is now trying to assuage breakaway groups like Java EE Guardians and
Stephen Colebourne , Engineering Lead @ OpenGamma
Java has long suffered from the pain of beans. To declare a simple data class takes far too much code. At JavaOne 2016, I talked about code generation options - see...
Victor Grazi , VP @ Nomura Securities
Key takeaways: Reactive programming is a specification for dealing with asynchronous streams of data. Reactive provides tools for transforming...
Srini Penchikala , Software Architect
Key takeaways: Learn about machine learning data pipelines. How Apache Spark ML package can help implement the ML data pipelines
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JavaDay Lviv 2016: Spring Puzzlers - second season (Baruch Sadogursky, Evgeny Borisov)
JavaDay Lviv 2016: Serverless Architectures: no servers allowed! (Antons Kranga)
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