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new stuff in java world
Senior Software Engineer @ EPAM
Speaker JavaDay Kharkiv 2016
In this article we will try to examine current state of the automated testing concept in the Java world. As a reference, we will go through basic and advanced spock-framework features and compare them with what JUnit4/JUnit5/TestNG/Hamcrest/AssertJ/Mockito/whatever can offer instead. We will try...

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new stuff in java world
Tomasz Nurkiewicz, Senior Software Developer @ 4finance
This article was initially an appendix in our Reactive Programming with RxJava book. However introduction to monads, albeit very much...
Mike Roberts, Most recently VP Engineering @ Intent Media Inc.
Serverless is a hot topic in the software architecture world. We’re already seeing books, open source frameworks, plenty of vendor...
Dustin Marx, Principal software engineer and architect @ Raytheon Company
In response to my recent post AutoValue: Generated Immutable Value Classes, Brandon suggested that it might be interesting to see...
Aleksey Shipilëv, Principal Software Engineer @ Oracle
In this post, we will try to follow up on particular misunderstandings about Java Memory Model, hopefully on the practical examples.
Lukas Eder, CEO @ Data Geekery
One of the best explanations I have found so far on the web was given by Mike Hadlow in his blog post Which is better, ORM or Plain SQL?
Vlad Mihalcea, Developer Advocate @ Red Hat
TA high-performance data access layer requires a lot of knowledge about database internals, JDBC, JPA, Hibernate, and this post...
Sebastian Malaca, Software Developer @ Luxoft Poland
Check out this 8-step guide to see how you can increase your productivity by skipping slow application redeploys and...
Umer Mansoor, Engineering Manager @ Glu Mobile
In all my years of building server-side applications, I have come to believe that the single most important aspect that determines...
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