JavaDay Ukraine Digest #1

JavaDay Ukraine Digest is intended for communication of important information about java development practices, new trends, tools, industry information and issues relevant to the Java community.

New Stuff in Java World

Zsolt Horvath, Lead Software Engineer
EPAM Hungary
Feature toggle - real life example
In this article, I'm going to describe a case in which we leveraged feature toggle in order to be able to independently release our service.

Learn From Experts

Tomasz Nurkiewicz, Software engineer,
around JVM
Speaker JavaDay Lviv 2015
Which thread executes CompletableFuture's tasks and callbacks?
This article aims to describe how threads are used with CompletableFuture.
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Alex Theedom, Senior Java Developer.
Co-author of Professional Java EE Design Patterns
Speaker JavaDay Lviv 2015
Insights from Stackoverflow: Most voted for Spring 4 questions
What are the most-voted-for Spring 4 question asked and answered on Stackoverflow? Here are the top five questions...
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Thomas Kinnen,
Consultant for Software Quality @CQSE (
New Languages Will Not Fix Maintainability Issues
Check out this eight-step guide to see how you can increase your productivity by skipping slow application redeploys and...
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Venkat Subramaniam, Founder of
Agile Developer, Inc.
Speaker JavaDay Kyiv 2015
Get Comfortable with Type Inference—Avoid Single-Letter Parameter Names
With lambda expressions, Java has introduced limited type inference. Java has forced us to specify types for so long that it...
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Arun Gupta, VP of Developer Advocacy at
Speaker JavaDay Kyiv 2015
Kubernetes Cluster on Google Cloud and Expose Couchbase Service
The first part (Couchbase on Kubernetes) explained how to start the Kubernetes cluster using Vagrant. The second part...
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Martijn Verburg, The Diabolical Developer
CEO - jClarity,
London JUG co-leader (LJC)
How to Create Useful GC and
Safepoint Logs
These flags ensure that the minimum set of GC data required to perform most types of analysis is printed out to a GC log...
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Claudia from Neoteric
Introduction to Java REST
API Testing
Learn more about Java REST API testing, from preparing a proper testing suite to using the correct tools.
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Stéphane Nicoll, Software engineer at
Core container refinements in Spring Framework 4.3
Spring Framework 4.3.RC1 is around the corner and brings nice core-container refinements, which we are going to explore…
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Partner News: EPAM

Join our team of Senior Java Engineer
EPAM welcomes you to join the team creating the world-class application for the global leader in the logistics industry.
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Develop Modern Apps Using Spring
Streaming: Develop Modern Apps Using Spring Ecosystem at BigData Era.
Spring is no longer just a framework; it’s a huge ecosystem with lots of technologies. Nowadays, Spring is...
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Hot Openings: EPAM

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JavaDay Tech Talk
Lviv 2016 Speakers

Evgeny Borisov, Senior Java Consultant at
Rafael Winterhalter, Software engineer at
Scienta AS

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