Alexander Mironenko

 Software Engineer at Oracle

Инженер-программист, Oracle. Александр является членом команды портирования и мультимедийных разработок Java ME. Разработкой программного обеспечения на Java SE и Java ME начал заниматься ещё в студенческие годы, увлекаясь параллельно встраиваемыми системами. Результатом же стало создание нескольких роботов, которые демонстрировались на конференциях Sun Tech Days. Проработав более 5 лет с Java, присоединился к команде Java ME в Oracle для непосредственного участия в ее разработке.

Oleg Tsal-Tsalko

Senior Java Developer at EPAM Systems

Senior Java Developer in EPAM Systems. Mostly working with enterprise business applications. Member of LJC and JUG KPI communities. Also involved in Adopt JSR program. Last time interested in Cloud computing, NoSQL and Scalability/HA aspects in general. Looking forward to learn more from other professionals and to share my knowledge with others. Love skiing and good company…

Senior Software Engineer at EPAM Systems

Scala developer currently focused on distributed systems programming with functional languages.

Skilled in a diverse set of technologies including Android, native programming and machine learning.

Martin Burlinski

 Development Manager at Oracle

Martin Burlinski is a seasoned veteran of J2EE development. In his 13+ yeas of experience he had an opportunity to work for various startups in a good old .com era with crazy names like, as well as somewhat larger companies with brand names like IBM and Tucows/OpenSRS. After spending a considerable amount of time abroad in Canada and US he has recently came back to Poland and is leading the development of SaaS Enterprise Recruiting applications at Oracle.

 Software Developer

Gleb has experience in developing high-performance fault-tolerant backend applications, including a platform for high-frequency algorithmic trading. The last two years working at Yandex, developing internal services. Participated in multiple projects, such as upgrading infrastructure for MapReduce-based statistics and creating an archive storage. At the moment, Gleb is developing and supporting internal monitoring service.

Jan ValentaSoftware Engineer at Oracle

Jan Valenta has been developing physics algorithms and designing user interface for experiments at CERN before he joined Sun/Oracle in 2006. At Oracle, he contributed to Java Wireless Toolkit project, participated on the SVG Tiny implementation and low level renderer development.

Artem Bilan

Principal Software Engineer at Pivotal (SpringSource)

Just joined to the Spring IO as key member of Spring Integration Team. Spring Framework contributor and Messaging matters consultant.

Previously, Artem worked as architect of Enterprise Integration solutions in Finance and Insurance during 7 years.

Agile Software Engineer at eBay

I like programming. I do it a lot, mostly on the JVM, usually writing fancy backends for big, distributed systems. I also display a particular affection to continuous delivery.. UI, unless quickly hacked, is not my play ;-) I believe that most problems we deal with are people problems, so I mix and match tools with technologies to achieve my goals, make people happy and achieve world peace :-)

Lead Software Engineer at

Андрей Паньгин - ведущий разработчик проекта "Одноклассники" компании Mail.Ru Group.
Специализируется на архитектурных и технических решениях для высоконагруженных Java-серверов.
Ранее работал в Sun Microsystems над передовой виртуальной Java-машиной HotSpot.

Chief Software Engineer at EPAM Systems

I bring over 10 years of experience in various technology fields: software development, team management, software architecture, high-performance computation and algorithmic research.

Over the past four years I have focused on delivery of functional programming principles and practices to real-world projects. And in the last three years Scala has become my language of choice when coming to develop new projects.