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Vaadin Hands-On-Labs

Nickolas Frankel, 3 hrs.

Vaadin is the shortest way for pure Java programmers with few front-end skills to quickly create nice-looking and robust web applications running on the JVM.
Today is all about those fancy client frameworks and stuff. However, this means that you and your team have as many front-end skills as back-end skills, or that there are two different teams that need to integrate their code together. The first case is rare, the second costly. Come discover Vaadin, the no-fluff just-stuff Java web framework. You code only in Java, compile to bytecode and thus can integrate easily with Spring, CDI, JDBC, JPA, ... Plus you get true Object Oriented Programming, Singe-Page paradigm, an Event-Driven abstraction over the HTTP request response model, Server Push and much much more.
If you don't know about Vaadin, now is the time!

Java 8 Lambdas Hands-On-Labs

Oleg Tsal-Tsalko, 3 hrs.

Interested in trying out the new lambda feature in Java 8? If so, this HOL is for you. Participants will use JDK 8 and IDE that support the lambda feature and will take part in exercises intended to teach them about the new lambda feature of the Java programming language and the new Streams Library API. The exercises start off very simply, so that beginners can learn the fundamentals. Additional exercises covering grouping and parallel reduction aim to challenge more-advanced participants.


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